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How to use your kids as an excuse these holidays

Christmas Holidays are a time for celebration, relaxation and obligation.  So. Much. Obligation. So here are some handy baby-related excuses for when you just want to stay home in your pjs and binge watch Netflix.

1. You're so sorry you forgot to buy your partner's annoying nephew a Christmas present, the little one doesn't do well in the car and was screaming every time you tried to put them in their car seat.

2. You feel terrible that you're going to miss New Years Day drinks and nibbles but you promised the kids they could stay up to watch the New Years Eve fireworks and they never sleep in.  They'll probably be too grumpy to go anywhere the next day.

3. You're gutted you're going to miss the BBQ today when it's scheduled to be 40 degrees and the host doesn't have a swimming pool, but your youngest woke up with a temperature and you think its best to keep them indoors in the cool air conditioning.

4. You usually love braving the crowds at busy shopping centres each year, but you're not sure you can carry the baby as well as all the Boxing Day bargains you'll be sure to find so you've decided to order online instead so everything is delivered to your door.

5. Dinner with your partner's extended family sounds 'amazing' but the holidays have put your newborn's sleep schedule out of whack and you're trying to get them into a routine.