Cracking "The Mummy Code" with Rachelle Bingham

In a world full of Mummy bloggers with perfect social media lives, we love the refreshing honesty and humour of ‘The Mummy Code’ blogger Rachelle Bingham.

Recently, as a part of a new series of blogs featuring Anarkid Mums, we had the pleasure of chatting with Rachelle, the creator and woman behind "The Mummy Code". And we were very keen to ask her about her recent brush with fame!

Hi Rachelle, first of all we LOVE your blog. Tell us a little about its inception?

Thanks Kelli. I started The Mummy Code when I was on maternity leave after having my daughter Scarlett.  It was really just a hobby, maternity leave is busy but can also be a bit lonely when you're just at home with a baby who sleeps a lot. I am used to working and my background is marketing/communications. I thought I would use this and create something that other mums may relate to and share some funny stories along the way. 

Can you tell us a bit about your life pre ‘The Mummy Code’?

I'm married to a wonderful man who is a hardworking bricklayer and I am a mum of two (Hudson is three and Scarlett is one). Prior to starting The Mummy Code and being a mum I was just busy working, socialising and shopping. 

I still do all of these things but now I work part time, I socialise at kids parties at 10am on Sunday mornings and I mostly just shop online for kids clothes/toys. 

Recently you had a post (amazing post we might add) go viral, with a reach of over 3.1 million, that reached as far as Germany and saw you on The Morning Show. Tell us about that experience!

It was completely unexpected and I was a little overwhelmed that so many people saw the post, I was really just trying to share a snapshot of an average working mum's day. I was in my dirty car, just picked up my kids from childcare and was exhausted. I wondered how many other women (and men)  must be feeling the exact same way after a long day at work.  I posted a photo online and apparently a lot of people could relate. 

Some people thought I was starting a debate between working mums and stay at home mums (or dads). This certainly wasn't my intention at all. I think we all do an amazing job no matter what circumstances and we really just want the best for our children, My motto is 'do what works for you and your family and don't worry about what anyone else thinks'. 

How have things changed for you since that post?

Nothing has really changed. I'm still waking up early, cooking, cleaning, working and my car is still dirty.  There have been some really positive things come out of the exposure of post and the blog is doing really well. I'm looking forward to some exciting opportunities that are coming up.  

We love that you show real life working mother hood with an important dash of comedy. What would you like to say about this?

Being a parent is stressful, yet rewarding. There are so many good moments and times where you are so proud of your children, but there are also the moments where you just want to cry or join in with the tantrum they are having in the middle of Coles. These are the moments where you really just need to know we are all doing the same thing and no matter how many filters you put on an Instagram photo, children are unpredictable and things get crazy. 

I don't want people thinking that it's all sunshine and rainbows and they are the only ones having a bit of a hard time or a bad day, we all have them. Since we are all in the same boat we might as well have a laugh at it. 

And last but not least, tell us some of your favourite brands for your kids, what you love and why?

I love supporting small businesses and I have met some lovely people through social media. Of course, Anarkid is up there with the best, the quality is amazing and your designs are super cute.  I also love Harry High Pants who has amazing pram liners and moccs that are stylish and affordable. 

One of my biggest tips for parents is to always take a short cut if its available and for that reason I also love Baby Bistro meals. They are delivered, organic and you can just defrost and heat for a really simple dinner. 

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To follow the adventures of 'The Mummy Code':
instagram: @themummycode


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