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Are you an Eco Citizen?

Are you an Eco Citizen?

Being environmentally friendly means living a lifestyle that is better for mother earth.  It’s all about taking small steps towards the environment to make a better place for our existing communities and generations to come. 

Here are some easy ways to make your contribution to combatting air pollution, creating less waste, consuming less energy and conserving water.


  1. Take care of clothes you already own

Wash your clothes in cold water and air dry them instead of using a clothes-dryer.  This will not only care for your clothing better (so that they last longer) but will also reduce your electricity usage.  


  1. Follow the recycle rules

“Don’t assume anything plastic can be recycled” says Lucy Siegle, author of Turning The Tide On Plastic.  “Learn the rules of your particular council and help your recyclers out as much as you can.  Rinse out your plastics.  Don’t be too tide – many people fold straws and chip bags (that can’t be recycled) into bottles and tubs, which contaminates them.  Keep items apart.”


  1. Switch to brands that are eco-friendly

Support brands and companies that show leadership and inspire towards positive climate change.   Choose fashion labels that use organic cotton instead of regular cotton, banks that don’t invest in fossil fuels and beauty products that don’t engage in animal testing.  Shop Anarkid's ethically produced baby clothes range here.


  1. Stop wasting food

Meal planning is key to avoiding food wastage.  This way, you’ll purchase only what you’ll actually consume before it expires.  Use up leftovers as lunches and do a stock-take of your pantry before you go grocery shopping to avoid unnecessary purchases.


  1. Do a waste diary

“It’s like a food diary but for waste,” explains Julie Mathers, CEO of Flora and Fauna, an online store that sells 100% vegan, ethical and cruelty-free products.  “Have a look over a seven-day period to see what you’re throwing away.  Then ask yourself if there’s an alternative that is free of plastic or packaging, or has packaging which is biodegradable”.


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