Baby Dino welcomes Anarkid

We are very excited to be now stocked at one of Australia's premium children's online boutiques, Baby Dino. As part of the launch we gave some background on Anarkid for their blog.


Welcome Anarkid! 

This week we welcomed a new Aussie label to our portfolio, Anarkid, who puts as much focus into how its garments are made as it does into their design.  Kelli, the creative director behind Anarkid, tells us about her life before Anarkid and how that has influenced where the brand is today.

1. How was the name “Anarkid” born? 
The name Anarkid came before almost everything else. At the time I had a new born and a toddler and life was complete chaos. Anarkid is the bringing together of Anarchy and Kids. To me Anarkid stands for embracing the chaos of kids, the awesomeness of these fierce little people and allowing them to express themselves through our clothing.  I have always been a total rebel myself too.  However being a graphic designer for over 20 years has forced me to reign that in, as design is as much creativity as it is restraint and control.  So Anarkid definitely represents me too.

2. Being a small business owner is tough!  What’s been the biggest surprise for you since launch? 
Yes it certainly is. Truly the biggest surprise has been how hard I have had to work to make a viable business. Although 3 years old, we are very much in our infancy, so I am the financier, the manager, the designer, the creative, the production manager, the packer, the account manager and more. We of course want to get bigger and better but with that comes more and more work. And first and foremost I am a Mum. I have little people that are growing up before my eyes and I don’t want to miss that either. It really is a constant juggle. The struggle is real.

3. How has your experience being a graphic designer shaped the Anarkid aesthetic? 
From the age of 15 I wanted to be a Graphic Designer, back in the days before computers, where designers used paste up and type set with metal blocks. I have been lucky enough to be able to realise my dream (and thank goodness move over to computers), and have been incredibly fulfilled as a designer. However when I had kids I had a strong urge to do something that was more relevant to them. The irony is that my kids have always grown quicker than our range, and they have always been too old to wear our clothes!

4. What’s your favourite piece from SS16/17 collection and what was the inspiration behind it? 
The inspiration was simple. It was ‘play’. I guess the rebel in me saw all the monochrome around and wanted to do the exact opposite. I wanted bright bold colours and patterns, combined with the simple joy of play. Like blowing on a dandelion, stomping around, skate boarding, playing with dominoes and shapes, dancing, all of the simple joys of play that can get lost in this digital age. I love how the spearmint has come up in the range. I love how amazing it looks in the skateboard print, and I love how it has come up on our organic melange. The grey melange tee with the mint snap is a stand out for me. 

5. Which other brands do you admire, and why? 
I have a super brand crush on Tiny Cottons. The way they put a range together is second to none. Each season I am blown away by their palette and how they do simple graphics to perfection. I am also a big fan of newbies Rylee and Cru and Aussie brand Phoenix and the Fox. I also admire Mini Rodini who I believe were of the pioneers of modern organic fashion for kids. Really the list could go on, but I will stop there! You can shop our beautiful collection of Anarkid here at Baby Dino.

(Blog featured on the Baby Dino website, printed with permission)  

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