Fashion Revolution Week

Today marks the start of Fashion Revolution Week, an annual campaign that marks the anniversary of the Rana Plaza factory collapse, which killed 1138 people and injured many more on 24th April 2013.  

To raise awareness about the fashion industry's most pressing issues, such as factory building collapses and fires, and labour rights, Anarkid joins many brands from around the world in the #whomademyclothes movement.

In a highly competitive industry, many brands have traditionally side-stepped publishing important information about their supply chains, concerned about 'copy-cats', considering this as part of their Intellectual Property. 

"At the very heart of the guiding principles and corporate responsibility is the notion of ‘knowing and showing.’ If a company does not know and cannot show, or will not show, then it raises questions.… A company that respects human rights … is in a sense shortchanging itself by not being transparent. If it believes its [human rights] practices are strong, they should be disclosing the sites they are monitoring and take credit for that."  Prof. John Ruggie, Former UN special representative for business and human rights.

Anarkid encourages other brands to uphold their corporate responsibilty and become accountable for their manufacturing processes, so that abusive conditions are more likely to be reported, therefore more likely to be resolved.

Anarkid proudly partnered with two GOTs Certified Organic Factories for #anarkidmoshpit collection, both of which respect it's employees’ rights.  Anarkid's factories have:

- No child labour

- No forced labour

- No discrimmination

- No excessive working hours

- Fair living wages

- Safe and hygenic working conditions

Our designers personally visit our factories each season to ensure our agreed requirements for quality and working conditions are met.

For information about the factories Anarkid currently works with, see the links below or email us hello @ anarkid . com

Organic And More

Kishor Exports

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