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How can fashion bloggers influence ethical wardrobes?

How can fashion bloggers influence ethical wardrobes?

According to The Economist, only 20% of clothing is worn on a regular basis.  The apparel industry has become one of the most polluting in the world, with fast fashion competing on price by sacrificing quality and craftsmanship.  Sadly, people aren’t just buying excess clothes, they’re bragging about it on social media and this throwaway culture is unsustainable for our planet.

Millions of fashion-loving consumers around the world look up to the stylish posts and fashion tips given by fashion bloggers on social media.  It’s up to fashion bloggers to use their influence for good – by educating their followers about the impact of fast fashion and inspiring them to get more wear out of their wardrobes. 

Are you a fashion blogger?  We encourage you to focus on sustainable brands and products that don’t hurt people and the environment.  Don’t be afraid to feature the same pieces in your Instagram feed, inspire your followers to enjoy their wardrobes by re-using and re-wearing pieces.  You can promote a conscious closet through slow fashion with information about different fabrics and tips on how to look after them to give them a long life.  Clothing swaps with friends, 2nd hand stores and clothing rental boutiques are also great ways to keep up with style, without harming the planet.

Ethical fashion blogger Kate Hall explains how she knows she is making a difference I look through my messages to reflect on the connections I’ve made. I spend up to two hours a day answering messages from people who ask me questions about greener alternatives, send me love and support, or want to discuss how to live more ‘eco-friendly’. I see people literally change their lives because of something I’ve said that has flicked a switch, or hit home to what they already, deep down, believed.”

We all have a responsibility to educate ourselves and each other about the devastating impact of fast fashion.


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