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How Can We Unstereotype?

How Can We Unstereotype?

Gender stereotypes are everywhere, we can’t escape them. It’s that unconscious bias we place on things before we even know it, which is why they can be harmful (source: Unstereotype Alliance).

At Anarkid, our core values include confidence and creativity – girls don’t have to be ‘pretty’ and boys don’t have to be ‘boisterous’.  Kids should be free to wear whatever colours and prints make them feel good about themselves. 

Our focus is on the individual, not their gender.  When we first presented our SS18 collection ‘The Dreamer’ to stockists, there was controversy and scepticism from buyers about boys wearing unicorns.

That’s too “out-there” for my customers.

Mums won’t dress their boys in unicorns.

I can’t put pink in my store’s ‘boys’ section.

Despite this, we persisted with our imagery of boys wearing our all-over unicorn print, and girls wearing blue.  And it was a huge success.

As a brand that promotes creativity, we believe in promoting a progressive, multi-dimensional society in a positive way.  This means categorising our clothes by size, rather than by a gender stereotype.  We choose to influence culture responsibly by not using stereotyped content in our marketing campaigns. 

In the past we have included a range of nationalities in our photography, but we know we can do better.  We are committed to inclusiveness and eradicating harmful stereotypes.  It is up to all of us to drive positive change through the world.

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  • Natalie S: March 30, 2021

    Absolutely LOVE this write up!
    Love that Anarkid goes against the grain, so to speak and fights the “norm”.
    I never liked overly “girly” things as a child but loved wearing skirts and dresses. Preferred boots and trainers/sneakers over buckled shoes or sandals.
    I was so excited to come across this brand while I was pregnant because of what you offer in your range for kids… not specifically for girls and not specifically for boys.
    I hope as my daughter grows up the values you represent and her choice when it comes to what she wears and her fashion sense, is not limited to or defined by gender.

    Thank you xx

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