How to care for organic baby and kids clothes


As much as we'd love our customers to purchase everything we make, we don't want our clothes to come at the cost of people or our planet.

Anarkid is an ethical manufacturer, which goes deeper than ‘just’ using organic cotton wherever possible (of course, we do that too). 

To us, being ethical means not manufacturing more than what is necessary, not pumping more and more styles into production and justifying it by being ‘organic’. 

We also take on a responsibility to ensure our kids clothes are durable enough to last the distance, so that they’re still on-trend for years to come, and functional enough to be passed down to future siblings. 

On the blog today, we're sharing some easy laundry tips on how to get more wear out of your Anarkid purchase, so that we can all play a part into being socially responsible.

  1. Choose Liquid Detergent Even if your child does not have sensitive skin or allergies, liquid detergent is known for being more soluble than powder, meaning it will rinse more easily and be gentler on clothes.
  2. No Bleach Please

Bleach is tough on organic cotton.  It will ruin the natural colour and weaken the fabric.

  1. Button Up, Zip Up, Turn Inside Out

Close garments by buttoning or zipping them up so they are less likely to snag another fabric or even snap themselves. Turning them inside out will also prevent wear and tear on the outer finish, avoid pilling and limit colour fading. 

  1. Dry Naturally

Washing with hot water doesn’t harm organic baby and kids garments, overheating them in the drying process is likely to cause shrinkage.  Conventional cotton is treated to prevent this but organic cotton is not so we always recommend hanging them inside if outside is not an option.

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