How to flatlay like a boss

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We love the top-down photography flaytlays capture from a bird’s-eye perspective, and over the past few years they have become a popular trend on social media for both stores and influencers. 
An easy way to showcase a combination of products together, this week we spent 5 minutes with super humble but also super talented #flatlayqueen Tina McDonough, owner of online boutique Three Little Boys to find out her top tips on how to create the perfect flatlay.
“Flat lay photos have to be one of my favourite things to do for my business Three Little Boys and a creative way to show my customers all of the gorgeous products we stock.
By doing a variety of flatlays, it shows customers how they can mix and match different looks and styles and sometimes I even surprise myself with what looks really awesome together once u lay it all out. 
My top tips for creating flatlays would be: 
  • Use a white board from bunnings or any hardware store as long as it’s a flat, plain white colour
  • Good day light is a must, I like to take mine in the morning and I actually do mine in my kitchen laundry area
  • A good camera, or I usually just use my Samsung S8 because it takes gorgeous photos and you can always lighten them up with a photo edit if needed
  • Lay out your products and take lots of shots from above - ta da that’s it. 
  • Don't be afraid to play around with how you want the flatlay to look or add a few items from other brands that work well with your products. 
I absolutely love creating flat lays and i hope you enjoyed reading a bit about what I like to do. Remember to have fun  “


We love Tina's advice to have fun!  Flatlays always look different on screen compared to #reallife so make sure you mix things up, move things around and experiment with different props and products. 

If you’ve taken any amazing flatlays of Anarkid threads, make sure you tag us @anarkid__ for a chance to be featured!





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  • Love these colours together! Thanks for the tips! xx

    Jess on

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