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How to do good with old clothes.

How to do good with old clothes.


Kids outgrow their clothes almost as quickly as you can buy them, especially in those early years.  Giving and receiving ‘hand-me-downs’ is a tradition that’s been around for years, and is the easiest way to be economical with clothes that no longer fit your child.

As Katie O’Connell explains “well-worn equals well-loved”, but it doesn’t have to mean sacrificing style.  Buying quality pieces (and looking after them) so they’re good enough to be passed down and shared with siblings, cousins and friends, ultimately reduces the amount of clothes that end up in landfill.

That’s why we’re passionate about gender-neutral baby and children’s clothes, so parents can maximize their future wear.  We’ve even heard of Anarkid customers giving their youngest children ‘veto power’ when shopping for their older siblings clothes, as they will ultimately end up wearing it too.


Clothing Swaps

Clothing swaps are an affordable way to tackle the fashion waste crisis and making sure your clothes go to a good home.  In return, your children can enjoy ‘new’ clothes without the guilt of buying them and contributing to over-consumption.



Clothes that have been damaged beyond repair can still be salvaged!   If you’re handy with a sewing machine, or know someone who is, there are lots of arts and crafts projects that can utilize old clothes.  Pet toys, dolls clothes, sock monkeys, patchwork quilts, scrunchies, Halloween costumes - the possibilities for up-cycling and re-purposing old kids clothes are endless. 


Donate to those in need

To make sure your clothing donations make a positive impact, research organisations before you donate to understand who and how they help others.  If you’re unsure of any local charities that you can trust, churches, homeless shelters and crisis centres are also good places to check if they’re accepting donations.  Remember not to leave donations outside or unattended as they could get rained on or become damp and then mildew which means ending up in landfill.

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  • Korra: August 17, 2020

    I love swapping my kids clothes once they’ve outgrown them, lucky we have cousins of different ages :)

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