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Loved clothes last longer

Loved clothes last longer
We all have something in our wardrobes that we refuse to throw away.  Maybe it’s an old pair of jeans that fit like a glove, a favourite tee with one too many stains, or a sweater with holes in the sleeves.  These are pieces we keep because we love the way they make us look and feel, or maybe they evoke happy memories of times, places or people we don't want to forget.  Imagine if we treated all of our clothes this way?
The reality is that clothes do so much more than cover ourselves and keep us warm.  Our clothes reflect our creativity, personality, confidence, identity and so much more, simply telling people to “buy only what they need” oversimplifies our relationship with clothes.  It doesn’t acknowledge the joy and cultural relevance of fashion.   
The #lovedclotheslast movement on Instagram encourages people to buy more thoughtfully, taking care to look after and mend the clothes they have so they last longer.
Some alarming statistics, sourced from Same Day Rubbish Removal:
  • Australia is one of the most wasteful countries in the developed world.
  • 6,000KG of clothes are thrown out every 10 minutes in Australia – going straight to landfill.
  • This could fill the MCG with clothes over two and a half times every year.
  • Three-quarters of clothing purchased is thrown out within a year.
If we all play our own small part by buying quality clothes and wearing them longer, collectively we can make a difference.
Images sourced from Fashion Revolution.


  • Jan: September 24, 2020

    Love your brand values!

  • Georgia: September 22, 2020

    This is so true, I have a tracksuit that I would never wear out in public (I used to!) because it has stains everywhere. I can’t bring myself to throwing them out because they’re just so comfy and semi-flattering. I have so many pieces that I’ve only ever worn once or hardly at all, if I loved everything in my wardrobe as much as I love my tracksuit, I’d never throw anything out.

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