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Swimwear made from plastic bottles.

Swimwear made from plastic bottles.

Our desire to create and buy new products is endless, but the planet's resources aren't.  Once a plastic is created, it lasts forever.  While this is great for durability, it poses a huge environmental strain on our planet.  According to National Geographic, 8 million tons of plastic is dumped into the ocean every year.  Individually, we can’t do everything, but everyone can do something, which is why we’re giving a second life to recycled materials (including plastic bottles) that would otherwise end up in landfill or our oceans.

We are excited to announce that our first ever swimwear collection has been made from REPREVE® - a fibre made from plastic bottles.  Combining uncompromised performance with trusted sustainability, now our kids can look good while we do good.

But it gets even better.  Not only does REPREVE® offer a solution to waste, this innovative yarn also helps when it comes to climate change.  When we discovered that it offsets using new petroleum, emits fewer greenhouse gases and conserves water and energy in the process, we knew it was the only choice to launch our new kids swimwear range.




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  • Kellie: September 22, 2020


  • donna: September 07, 2020

    any idea of pricing? want to get some for my kids!

  • Renee: August 25, 2020

    do you have any swimwear coming for boys????

  • Jenny: August 25, 2020

    Can’t wait to get my hands on that leopard print!! Looks amazing!!

  • Kristina: August 18, 2020

    WOW!!! This is so cool!! I’ve been trying to reduce my family’s consumption of plastics but sometimes it’s really hard when there aren’t many alternatives. I love this idea, makes me feel like I can do my part, however small that may be. Looking forward to the launch :) Kristina

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