The Truth About Our Plastic Satchels

What's the point of making planet friendly clothing, if we're just going to cover it in plastic?
The truth is - plastic serves a purpose, and that is to protect your goodies while they're in transit. Plastic doesn't break easily, but is lightweight and moisture resistant.
As part of our CSR policy, we are constantly researching and testing planet friendly satchel alternatives but unfortunately nothing yet has proven to be as durable as the satchels we use today.  
We have also discovered that non-plastic alternatives require more energy to be manufactured and require 4.5 times more packaging material.
Our goal is to eventually use bio-degradable plastic, but at the moment we're just not big enough.  The quantities we would need to order are so huge that the bags would disappear before we used most of them.
So for now, we're using the next best thing - 100% recyclable LDPE.
We choose this material because it can be given a second chance to live on as other useful products, such as shipping envelopes, floor tiles, furniture, compost bins and landscape timber.
Our satchel provider also regrams scraps into resin which is then able to be re-used to minimise wastage.
You can do your part by checking with your local council to see how they collect LDPE products that are ready to be recycled.

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