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What else can swaddles be used for?

What else can swaddles be used for?

Change Mat Covers

Our organic muslin swaddle wraps are soft and cosy on delicate baby skin, making them perfect for nappy changes when out and about. 


Tummy time

Whether your baby is learning how to roll over, or enjoying some tummy time at a picnic, simply laying the swaddle down on the floor before popping your baby down creates a barrier against any nasties on the floor.


A scarf for mama

Lightweight and breathable, our muslin swaddles make a great accessory for mama all-year-round.  With generous sizing, you can mix it up with a bandana fold (to help cover spit up) or in a basic drape around your neck. 


Pram Covers

Muslin’s natural weave allows for constant airflow, making it a safe and breathable option to cover your baby’s pram or stroller when the sun is particularly harsh.


Breastfeeding Cover

Our swaddles can become a great shield for moments when you and your little one prefer some privacy.  Made from lightweight muslin, this fabric will ensure that you and your baby stay comfortable without feeling hot or overheated.


Burp Cloths

Did you know that muslin gets softer with every wash?  You don’t need to worry about over-washing this fabric as it is extremely durable – making it great for soaking spit up after a feed. 


Emergency Towel or Sarong

Whether you forget your little one’s towel at the local pool or they find themselves saturated in water from a fountain they’ve discovered at the park, muslin swaddles can easily come to the rescue.  They don’t take up much space in your bag and our fun prints will turn any stressful water situation into a fashion statement.


Kitchen Cloths

Instead of throwing them away once your baby has outgrown the use for them, Anarkid swaddles can easily be repurposed into kitchen cloths.


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