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What’s the best way to take care of swimwear?

What’s the best way to take care of swimwear?

We want your Anarkid swimsuits to live a long and happy life, filled with many days of sun and waterplay.  While swimsuits are more delicate than other textiles due to their frequent exposure to chlorine and sea salt, by following these swimwear tips you can give your swimmers the best possible life.


  1. Hand rinse separately in water immediately after each use, even if your child hasn’t been in the water. This is especially important if they have been in chlorine. 
  2. Hot water can weaken the tissues so hand washing separately in cold water is best.
  3. Avoid using fabric softeners as their residue attracts moisture and will prevent the swimsuit from drying properly. This could make the fabric smell bad and grow mold.
  4. Let your swimming costumes dry completely before putting them away and never keep them wet or soaking overnight.
  5. Roll your swimsuit up in a dry towel to remove excess water, never wring it out as this can damage the stretchy fibres.
  6. Air drying in the shade is best. We know they’ll dry faster in the sun, but the sun’s strong rays can slowly damage the colour of your swimwear.  If possible, we also recommend drying them inside out.
  7. Say NO to the dryer. Not only is it likely to destroy the elastic fibres of your swimwear, the heat can also shrink it.
  8. Do not iron or dry clean.
  9. Avoid heated pools and spas as they tend to contain excessive chemicals which can deteriorate the fabric.
  10. Don’t sit on rough surfaces (such as Velcro, rocks or poolside tiles and pavers) as these can snag the material. Always lay down a towel first.


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  • MeganDavid: September 06, 2020

    There are ways to take care of swimwear that will make it last much, much longer.
    Rinse as soon as possible
    Handwashing is best
    Don’t overwear it
    Avoid sharing swimming costumes
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