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A message for the Anarkid community.


As the world faces COVID-19 in unified isolation, we are acutely aware of the reality faced by many of our customers who are financially burdened by layoffs and/or new childcare responsibilities.  We promise to remain transparent about our pricing and production during these challenging times, and will update this page ‘as it happens’.  Anarkid is registered with NSW Government as a COVID-19 Safe Business.


Shipping Information

Orders are continuing to be packed and shipped daily.  With online shopping at an all-time high, please be patient if your order takes a little longer to reach you. 


International transit times continue to be impacted due to limited flight availability, social distancing requirements and flight disruptions.  We have temporarily increased our international shipping costs to reflect the increased DHL shipping costs during this time. 


The impact on Anarkid

Many Anarkid stockists have been forced to shut their doors around the world.  Stores who have previously relied on foot traffic are now struggling to pay their bills, including stock they committed to 6+ months prior to the pandemic.  We encourage our community to shop local where possible, small businesses need our support now more than ever.

For quality control, we have replaced physical trips to our international factories with frequent online meetings, samples posted by mail and many late-night calls due to time differences. 

Anarkid usually ships by sea freight as it’s the most economical and planet-friendly option, however due to COVID-19, many mills and factories were temporarily closed or down to skeleton staff, causing significant production delays. To make sure we still launch our collections on time (and in-season), so that our customers can enjoy the most wear out of their clothes, we will be shipping by Express Air Freight in smaller drops where necessary given the limited space on air freight at the moment.

Despite these challenges, we have continued to protect the workers in our supply chain and provide the same level of quality, service and care to our valued customers.  

You can read more about the impact of COVID-19 on the fashion industry on our blog here.