Trade Showings


Our new collection takes us back to a time when the car was king, there was no sushi at the snack bar, and the excitement of a double-header was the highlight of the week. 
Bench seats, convertibles and reversed up wagons were the best seats in the house, and when money was tight, we could always watch the big screen through the pine trees from Jimmy’s balcony. 
Intermission meant heading to the Diner and hanging out with friends, hot jam donuts, buckets of chips and endless amounts of popcorn.
Heroes were made on the big screen, whilst we lived out our golden days with the best family nights, first dates and made lasting friendships.
So grab your ticket, kick back and enjoy the show - and don’t forget to remove the speaker from the window!


Selling dates: 13th January – 7th March 2019

Launch dates: August 2019


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